The ‘Sample Size of One’ Concept Simplified

Late last year I shared two posts around a concept I call ‘The Sample Size of One’; to address the replication crisis in the fields of behavioural science/ economics. News about the replication crisis in the field had got me wondering if there might be a better way to undertake studies so that they remain relevant, if not replicable.

The thought was triggered by a random interaction in the market [read here], and I shared more thoughts towards finding a solution in a subsequent post [read here].

The three brilliant behavioural scientists I sent it to, felt it might work. And given that I’m not formally from their field, they didn’t have any professional obligation to suffer a fool. So their nods came as a reassurance that I might be headed in a positive direction.

It was still challenging conveying the problem and my solution simply enough, but finally, here’s hopefully a simpler way.
Still got Q’s? Let me know.

simplified depiction of Shrutin Shetty’s ‘Sample Size of One’ concept



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